Man Disguises Himself To Prank Huskies, And Gets Hilarious Results!


Man Disguises Himself To Prank Huskies, And Gets Hilarious Results!

Husky prank

There’s no bond like the relationship between a human and their dog. Oftentimes, our dogs know us better than we even know ourselves. That’s what makes them such loyal companions. But would your dog recognize you if you disguised yourself?

One dog dad decided to put that to the test. He dressed up as an old man and casually walked past his dogs outside. He recorded the results and posted them on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. The video gained thousands of views because the dogs’ reactions are priceless!

Husky Siblings
Image: @milperthusky/Instagram

Will the Huskies Recognize Their Human?

Aaron Wallman is the proud dog dad of three Huskies: Millie, Rupert, and Lola. He and his family have a close bond to all three dogs, and the Huskies are always happy to play and goof around. So, Wallman will occasionally pull pranks on the pups to film their reactions. Most of the time, their responses are hilarious, and they clearly have a good time filming silly videos with their humans.

Some of Wallman’s pranks include him hiding inside a giant teddy bear and him wearing a silly alien suit. Nearly every time, his cover is blown and the dogs recognize him immediately. Of course, they get overly excited when they smell their dad, so they overreact to many situations, such as tackling the alien suit or chewing on the teddy bear.

Husky Teddy Bear Prank
Image: Screenshot, @milperthusky/Instagram

His latest prank was the ultimate test of loyalty. He decided to dress up with an old man mask and then walk past his wife and their dogs one by one. He wanted to see if the pups would recognize him or have any reactions to him passing by.

Viral Reactions

At the start of the video, Wallman shows his old man mask. Then, the camera turns to Rupert, who is happily walking in front of his mom. As soon as Wallman passes in his old man costume, Rupert immediately becomes confused.

Rupert stops for a moment, and then keeps walking. But then, he stops again to do a double take. He patiently waits for Wallman to return, but suddenly, he can’t contain his excitement. He runs toward Wallman at full speed, finally realizing that he saw his dad in disguise.

Husky prank reaction
Image: Screenshot, milperthusky YouTube

Millie and Lola are much quicker to react to the situation. They both run up to him right away before clearly realizing who he is. Then, once they get a good sniff, they become overly affectionate with him, so there’s no way they don’t know his identity. Lola, who is the youngest of the three, gets the most excited when she sees her dad though.

While it’s likely that the dogs noticed their dad’s scent before anything else, it’s still amazing how quickly they discovered the truth. Their reactions just prove how magical the bond between a human and a dog truly is.

Watch the Hilarious Video Here:

Featured Image: Screenshot, milperthusky YouTube

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