Sweetest German Shepherd Mothers Abandoned Lion Cubs


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Dog and lion cub

Most mothers are loving and nurturing for their babies’ needs. This is true for most species, whether it’s humans, dogs, or cats. Unfortunately, it seems that not everyone is born with a motherly instinct, though. One particular lion named Sirona was not happy about having two cubs.

While the other female lions at a Russian wildlife park were caring and protective over their young ones, Sirona wasn’t interested. She refused to address their needs, which made the two baby lions unhealthy and malnourished. Luckily, a loyal canine stepped in to save the day.

German Shepherd and lion
Image: @lionspark.ru/Instagram

Worst Mother of the Year

It’s safe to say that Sirona the lioness is one of the worst mothers the wildlife park has ever seen. She was a first-time mom after giving birth to these two beautiful cubs. However, she quickly realized that motherhood wasn’t for her.

Sirona was more introverted, reserved, and secretive than the other lions, according to the staff. She refused to properly care for the cubs, which caused them to become emaciated and dehydrated. At one point, she even bit them to the point where it left wounds on their bodies. The staff agreed that her behaviors were completely unnatural.

Staff members eventually feared the cubs’ safety with their mother. So, they had no choice but to find a foster mom to care for them properly. But the best animal for the job was far from what the baby lions were used to. Instead of choosing another lion to parent them, they turned to Sasha the German Shepherd.

German Shepherd Nursing Lions
Image: @lionspark.ru/Instagram

German Shepherd Saves the Day

Sasha is the loyal dog who lives at the park. She recently gave birth to one puppy, so she had plenty of time to take in two more babies. In the past, she gave birth to a litter of 8 puppies, so the staff knew she had plenty of milk this time. Her milk has all the essential nutrients that the lion cubs need to grow big and strong.

Usually, Sasha isn’t a huge fan of felines, but she fell in love with the lions right away. She nurses them and grooms them beside her puppy as if they’re her own. It’s such a heartwarming sight to see!

As adorable as Sasha and her babies are, the park has made it clear that they won’t be together forever. Eventually, the cubs will grow up and not need Sasha anymore. But for now, she’s helping them get the life they deserve. With their birth mother, they might not have survived, so this sweet dog likely saved their lives.


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Featured Image: @lionspark.ru/Instagram

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