Jennifer Garner And Her Dog Recreated Iconic Roles And Won The Internet

 Jennifer Garner And Her Dog Recreated Iconic Roles And Won The Internet

September 11th is a somber day of remembrance for many Americans as well as people around the globe. However, Jennifer Garner found time to bring smiles to thousands of faces last week with the help of her dog, Birdie.

Garner took a few moments to share an adorable video of Birdie on social media on September 11th, giving fans a much-needed break from the typical heartache associated with the day. Plus, everyone knows there’s no better medicine for grief than an adorable doggo.

This Golden Birdie Went Viral

The video starred Birdie, a patient and loving Golden Retriever, as she took part in a viral challenge. She completely crushed it, might I add!


The video is set to the song, “Stunnin’” by Curtis Waters, which was a perfect choice. Birdie flaunted looks from Alias, The Tribes of Palos Verdes, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Dallas Buyers Club, and even 13 Going on 30!

Birdie was, like, totally obsessed with the whole ordeal. She sat perfectly still and rocked each piece of wardrobe – even a sexy red wig! Garner might have some competition when it comes to landing her next big role!

Birdie’s Video Has The Internet Buzzing

Birdie’s sensational video has been steadily rising in the ranks of Instagram stardom. Fans and celebrities alike have been commenting on the post.

Kimberly Williams Paisley said, “Your dog is, like, the best behaved dog I’ve ever seen.”

Of course, proud dog mom Garner agreed.

“She is, actually, a very very good girl,” Garner replied.

Even Selma Blair applauded Birdie for her Oscar-worthy performance!

As if the star-studded recognition wasn’t enough, Birdie has even gotten some playdates lined up from the video. Tabitha Brown wasted no time asking if she could set up a playdate with Birdie and her dog Blacky. Who wouldn’t want a playful pal like Birdie anyway?

Like all of us dog parents and our furbabies, Birdie and Garner share an incredibly strong bond. The two love to read books together and snuggle up on the couch any chance they get. Check out Garner’s Instagram to stay in the loop of Birdie’s shenanigans (and just really adorable pictures).

We can’t wait to see what Birdie dresses up as for Halloween! How can she outdo herself next time? Check out the video that has everyone talking below!

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My dog is, like, totally obsessed. 🙄 . (😘 #kellykapoor)

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