7 Reasons Dogs Would Make The Best Politicians


7 Reasons Dogs Would Make The Best Politicians https://ift.tt/2ZP528p

Citizens! All hail…the dogs?

Sounds great to us!

Dogs already rule our world so it seems natural to let them have the government too.

And it makes sense. Dogs have quite a few qualities that make them ideal for office! From leading with their heart to transparent business dealings, dogs will never lead us astray!

Check out these 7 reasons dogs would make the best politicians and we guarantee the pups will have your vote locked!


7 Reasons Dogs Get Our Votes

#1 – Dogs Listen and They Care

When it comes to your most important issues, dogs are paws down the best listeners and they care what you have to say. You can see it in their soulful eyes and feel it in their doggie hugs!

dogs politicians

#2 – Dogs Stick by Us Through Thick and Thin

Loyalty is one of the top qualities in a politician, but who wrote the book on how to be loyal? In the best times and worst times, pups will never give up on us!

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#3 – Decisions Made with Logic and Love

The best leaders know how to make choices by using their head and heart. In logic and love, the best solutions can be found and dogs live by this law. As intelligent creatures, canines know just what needs to be done, and because they have heart aplenty, whatever choice a dog makes, its made with love.

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#4 – Dogs Believe Honesty is the Best Policy

The term ‘deception’ does not exist in the canine vernacular! Dogs lovers always know how a pup feels and what they want. There are no secrets when it comes to a dog’s agenda.

dogs politicians

#5 – Dogs Always Have our Back

Politicians want their people to be safe, just like dogs. And no matter what, when you’ve got your dog buddy by your side, you know your back is protected.


#6 – Like Good Leaders, We Never Want A Dog to Go

When a respected figure takes office and thrives, you never want them to leave. The imprint they leave echoes for long after and this holds true when it comes to our pups. Forget term limits, if we had our way, dogs would never have to go.


#7 – Dogs Handle Their “Business” in Public

Transparency is key when comes to government business. Constituents want access to all the dirty details. And you know what? Dogs are the ultimate when it comes to public “business” because they have no problem dumping info where they choose!

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Alright, time to make your choice. Will you vote for dogs? We bet you will!

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