7 Ways to Keep Your Labrador Happy and Healthy

One of the cutest dog breeds on earth, Labrador Retrievers, are primarily known for their unconditional love. Almost all the pet lovers who want to buy a new dog for themselves might have thought several times about owning a Labrador.


Labradors show their best side when they are happy and excited. These breeds love to please their owners and wait eagerly for their commands. At the same time, you don’t want to invite a new labrador to your home only to make them utterly bored.

There are some simple yet highly effective methods on how you can keep your labrador retrievers healthy and happy. Some of the tips given below would also help you to eliminate undesirable behaviour in your dogs. So, let us begin with the discussion.

Daily Brushing of Coat

Labradors are dogs who shed a lot. You will see them losing a lot of hair during autumn and spring. Though you can’t prevent the shedding in labs, you can reduce the hair fall rate. By brushing their hair daily, you can make them immaculately clean and cut down the amount of hair fall as well. Brushing also stimulates the natural oils of the skin, which keeps their coats shining.

Find a suitable dog brush for your labrador that will help you remove their dead hairs and keep their dense undercoat clean.

Regular Exercise

Labradors are breeds who exhibit high energy levels and hence need regular exercise to keep them fit, both physically and mentally. If you notice that your dog has gained some serious weight without overfeeding or has developed an excessive chewing habit, know that they are under-exercised.

A normal, healthy labrador would need 1 hour of daily exercise. If you have a relaxed labrador, then the physical activity of 30 mins to 45 mins would be enough. At the same time, puppies should be excluded from vigorous exercises, as their bones would be soft and tender at this stage. Five minutes of exercise for each month of their age should be enough for them until they reach one year.

Provide them with a Healthy Diet

Labradors are dogs who love to eat. They can manipulate their owners into getting the stuff that they see in front of their eyes. Therefore, it is necessary to feed them a diet that is not only delicious but also nutritiously fulfilling.

A Labrador Retriever’s diet should be a balanced diet and rich in vitamins and minerals for supporting their size, activity level, and preventing the risk of certain diseases. Foods having Omega 3 fatty acids are also vital for them to maintain a healthy coat and to reduce shedding.

Begin Their Training Early

As labradors generally have a lovely temperament, most dog owners stop their training just after housebreaking. This can get quite risky, as labs are a large breed and may become hard to control without proper training.

As this breed is highly intelligent, you won’t be facing any difficulties in teaching them commands and tricks. Also, remember that rewarding them adequately with delicious treats goes a long way in training them quickly.

Give them Chew Resistant Dog Toys

As mentioned above, labradors can indulge in excessive chewing behaviour if their daily exercise requirements are not met. They show this tendency even when you leave the house for a short while. So, it will be useful if you have good chew-resistant toys for your dog.

With the help of these toys, you not only keep them engaged but also give a healthy outlet to release their pent up energy.

Socialize Them Well

It will be nothing short of a crime if you don’t socialize a lovely breed like a labrador. They love to be around people and exhibit the same level of enthusiasm with a toddler and an older person. It would be best to avoid tying your labs outside as they desire to be a part of their family.

Take them with you if you go for walks regularly in the park. If you feel your lab is over-enthusiastic, buy a suitable dog collar that can help you to control them effectively.

Play With Them Endlessly

Nothing can be more exhilarating for a labrador than an endless playing session with their owner. It is also one of the ways to build a strong bond with them. Whenever you get a chance, play with your lab, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Labradors love to play the fetch as they are genetically a retriever breed who were bred to hunt. This game keeps them engaged and gives them a sense of accomplishment each time they chase their toy.

All in all,

Labrador Retrievers are dogs whose cute and innocent looks can make you fall in love with them. As their proud owners, you can do many things for them in return for their incredible love and affection. The tips given above would help you a lot in keeping them jubilant as well as healthy. Shower them with your love and see how the bond between you two grows.

Source : www.petsworld.in

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