Firefighters Bring Lifeless Dog Back To Life During House Fire


Firefighters Bring Lifeless Dog Back To Life During House Fire

Dog Revived During Fire

House fires are terrifying for everyone involved, but no one is more confused by them than a dog. Dogs know something is wrong when they smell smoke, and they often save family members’ lives in the process. Yet, some dogs end up sacrificing their own lives during the chaos of a fire.

Bella the one-year-old Cane Corso was in a tough spot when her home caught on fire. Her humans were able to safely escape, but she was trapped. She was on the verge of death as firefighters rushed inside to revive her.

Firefighters Rescue Dog
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Miracles Can Happen

When the Hanover Area Fire & Rescue firefighters found Bella, they said she was lifeless. Her body was found underneath a piano in the front room of the home. Despite the odds, they pulled her out of the burning home to save her life.

Firefighter Brady Cromer was the one who found Bella in the home and rushed her to safety. Luckily, another firefighter who goes by Milliken was there to provide additional assistance. Milliken and his wife are passionate about saving dogs, and they help rescue dogs find homes on a regular basis. So, Milliken knew more than anyone that this poor dog needed a second chance at life.

The firefighters used a special oxygen mask for dogs. It ultimately brought her back to life, and firefighters checked her from head to toe to make sure she was doing okay. Once she was breathing again, Bella looked at her rescuers longingly as if to say, “thank you.”

Dog Oxygen Mask
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Bella’s Recovery

Now, Bella is alive and feeling much better thanks to the brave firefighters. She is awake and in the process of healing. This near-death experience will take some time for her to recover from, but she seems so grateful to be given a second chance.

“The dog is awake and appears fine,” Chief Tony Clousher said. “She is in an oxygen crate at Clearview Animal Hospital.”

Luckily, no one else was injured during the fire. A kid and an adult made it safely out of the home during the fire rescue. When they came home earlier in the day, they smelled smoke, but didn’t see any. Then, when they opened the door, black smoke poured out and they called for help immediately.

Cane Corso Recovering
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It was later determined that an electrical fire was caused by a window air conditioner on the first floor. It’s scary how sudden and unexpected this disaster was, but what’s most important is that everyone is safe now. The Hanover Area Fire & Rescue team did an incredible job bringing an innocent dog back to life, and they should be recognized for their bravery and quick-thinking.

Featured Image: @h_jonesphoto/Twitter

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