Hana Was Devastated When Her Siblings Got Adopted. Now She’s Finally Happy!

 Hana Was Devastated When Her Siblings Got Adopted. Now She’s Finally Happy! https://ift.tt/35kBW4j

iHeartDogs works closely with GreaterGood by donating part of each sale to their various charity efforts. One of these charities, Rescue Bank, works to donate quality dog food to shelters and rescues who are in need. Some organizations could not run without kind donations like this.

Hana the Pit-mix was born in an animal shelter. Prior to her siblings getting adopted, Hana liked the people and playtime there, so she didn’t mind too much. But once they had all gone to new homes, she felt sad and anxious. Who could blame her for feeling lonely and scared?

Though Hana didn’t know it yet, a family was still out there waiting for her just as she waited for them. Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan made a Facebook post on Hana’s behalf, writing:

“When my foster family saw my picture, they did not know why I had not been adopted. They say I was ‘so adorable, it hurts!’ Well…. there is a reason I did not get adopted…. I waited for… this family!”

Yes, that’s right. Hana was ultimately a “foster fail” and her foster parents decided to officially adopt her. She now happily lives with her new parents and her older doggie sibling Leila. They even have similar coloring, in addition to sharing parents.

With training and the amount of love and care she receives these days, Hana will soon learn to be less anxious.

 How Rescue Bank Helped

While rescuing animals is important work, it’s ultimately not cheap. Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan fortunately numbers among Rescue Bank’s donation recipients. They receive nutritious pet food donations, allowing them to use the money they save for other important things like foster expenses.

“GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank has provided RPSM with food and treats for the dogs. This allows the rescue to use funds previously allocated for food, and spend them on unexpected medical expenses or supplies provided to new foster families.” – Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan


Basically, Rescue Bank operates on a food bank model. When nutritious pet food nears its “best by” date, has minor packaging defects, or undergoes re-branding, manufacturers will donate that food. Rescue Bank receives the food donations and then distributes them to the community-based animal welfare groups they work with.

As a foster supported by RPSM, Hana got everything she needed, including the ability to get out of a shelter. Now she has the ultimate prize: a forever family to love. Thanks for supporting iHeartDogs, Rescue Bank, and ultimately Hana.

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