Rescue Dog Hit By Car Needs Thousands Of Dollars To Recover


Rescue Dog Hit By Car Needs Thousands Of Dollars To Recover

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Christine Moran’s two dogs, Luke and Lucy, are her life. She loves them more than they could ever know, so when one of them gets hurts, she does everything she can to save them. So far, the rescue pups have lived a happy, healthy life. That is, until Luke got a little too curious one day.

A car struck the pup when he ran off to go on his own adventure. His numerous injuries were severe, but Moran knew that she could save him. She just had to find a way to raise the money for his medical bills.

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Image: Luke LucyLu Moran Facebook

Too Much Curiosity

Luke was rescued from the Southamptom Animal Shelter in New York when he was just a tiny puppy. Like most young dogs, he has always been curious and playful. But now, his curiosity got him into trouble.

“Our sweet boy Luke was hit by a car on Roanoke Avenue in Riverhead after curiosity got the best of him and he was somehow able to get out of our fenced-in yard,” Moran said.

Poor Luke had injuries on his lungs, hips, and shoulders. He spent a lot of time waiting in an oxygen tank until his lungs were strong enough to go through surgery. Now, his lungs are doing better, but he still has a broken shoulder. Moran says he’ll need a plate implanted in his shoulder. His care and recovery might take a long time, but vets are confident that he will survive.

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Image: Luke LucyLu Moran Facebook

Help Luke Recover!

The vets estimate that Luke’s medical bills could reach up to $10,000. But, of course, Moran thinks it’s worth it to keep her beloved pup safe. She already received a loan of about $5,000, but she knows she’ll need a lot more to cover everything. So, she has been reaching out to friends, family, and fellow dog lovers for support.

“The estimates we received are over $8,000,” Moran wrote on GoFundMe. “But Luke will make it through this. Doctors are convinced he will live a long and full life after surgery. Family, friends, and pet lovers that have offered to help can do so here. We love you for your friendship, caring, and love. We are looking forward to holding our boy Luke in our arms again and receiving his kisses.”

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Image: Luke LucyLu Moran Facebook

If you’d like to help Luke recover, please donate to his GoFundMe. Moran still needs a couple thousand dollars to meet her goal, so every donation makes a difference. Hopefully, Luke will soon make a quick and successful recovery!

Featured Image: Luke LucyLu Moran Facebook

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