Taxi Driver Makes Beach-Loving Golden Retriever’s Dreams Come True

 Taxi Driver Makes Beach-Loving Golden Retriever’s Dreams Come True

Golden Retriever by Beach

Reema the Golden Retriever loves to travel the world. Suzanne Clarke and her husband adopted the pup during their travels. They went to Belgium, Spain, and Portugal together, and now, they live in Bridlington. Reema’s favorite part of her current home is her adventures to the beach.

The beach is about a mile and a half walk from their home, but now, poor Reema is too sick to make the journey. However, Clarke was still determined to fulfill her dog’s dreams.

Dog near beach
Image: Suzanne Clarke Facebook

Reema’s Happy Place

Reema’s beach adventures were always the highlight of the week. She and her mom would walk all the way there together. Reema loves walking in the sand, wading in the water, and playing with other dogs. Clarke says she’s happy they live so close to it.

But Reema is a senior now, and she has recently been experiencing back problems. So, she is only able to take short walks, which means the beach is just too far. Unfortunately, the family’s car also broke recently, leaving them with no way to get Reema to the beach.

“Reema was very sad that she was no longer able to walk on the beach,” Clarke said. “It’s her favorite place to go and is so close to us that it seemed such a shame she was missing out.”

At the beach
Image: Suzanne Clarke Facebook

Clarke wasn’t ready to give up though. She knew that Reema deserved to visit her favorite place as much as possible during her senior years. So, Clarke turned to social media for help.

Dreams Come True

Taxi driver Paul Dodds didn’t think twice about helping the elderly pup. He loved the idea of helping a dog achieve their dream. Of course, he always allows dogs in his vehicle.

“When I saw what was being asked I didn’t think twice about it, I just got in touch and offered my services,” said Dodds. “Some people are funny about having dogs in their car but that’s not me, they’re part of the family in my opinion.”

Golden Retrievers at Beach
Image: Suzanne Clarke Facebook

Since then, Clarke, Dodds, and Reema have visited the beach once a week. That way, Reema can still experience her favorite place without getting tired or feeling pain. She might not be able to run and play as much as she used to, but she still deserves to have the time of her life.

Clarke says she couldn’t be happier that Dodds reached out to help. Sometimes, even the smallest gestures can go a long way for both humans and dogs.

Featured Image: Suzanne Clarke Facebook

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