Woman Takes Photos Of The Happiest Dogs In The World


Woman Takes Photos Of The Happiest Dogs In The World https://ift.tt/3mfKcZ9

Happy Dogs

Liz Gregg is a talented photographer that has done magazine photoshoots for tons of celebrities. But sadly, the coronavirus pandemic made jobs a little scarce. So, she had to turn to her own creativity to come up with projects to work on. She settled on the one subject she loves more than anything else: dogs. More specifically, happy dogs.

It started out as just a fun project for her and her own pups, but word quickly spread. Now, she’s photographing dogs of all shapes and sizes, and even some rescue dogs to help encourage adoptions.

Happy Pug
Image: @liz.gregg/Instagram

Happy Dogs = More Adoptions

For her recent collection, Gregg worked with Sony and a rescue and rehoming charity called All Dogs Matter. The London-based photographer used a Sony Xperia 1 II to photograph dogs at their happiest moments. She also used it as a chance to encourage more people to adopt. All Dogs Matter noticed more dog adoptions during the ongoing pandemic, but they want to make sure those adoptions don’t stop when things return to normal.

Dog Laughing
Image: @liz.gregg/Instagram

Gregg quickly discovered that dogs are their happiest when eating tasty treats. So, she used that to her advantage when taking the photos. To capture the dogs with the happiest expressions possible, Gregg throws treats to them as she snaps the pictures. She uses a fast shutter speed as she’s throwing the treat to capture every second of the event.

Dog Screaming
Image: @liz.gregg/Instagram

So, the dogs are really lunging toward a delicious treat. But the photos make it look like they’re smiling or cheering instead. After all, who wouldn’t want to adopt a smiling dog?

Dog with Crazy Eyes
Image: @liz.gregg/Instagram

Dogs are the Best Models

The photos always turn out adorable, and Gregg enjoys every second of the experience. It can be difficult to get dogs to sit still for photos, but with food as motivation, most dogs will do anything.

Golden Retriever Yelling
Image: @liz.gregg/Instagram

“I throw a treat with my left hand, hold the camera with my right, then snap as the dog catches it,” said Gregg. “I love bonding with them, playing with them, and training them. Greedy dogs do really well – some dogs are just genius.”

Rottweiler in Awe
Image: @nbakerpararider/Instagram

Gregg has taken photos of her own dogs frequently before making animals regular subjects in her work. Her dogs are perfect models at this point, and now, she’s helping other dogs become stars too.

Crazy dog
Image: @blackwhite.gold/Instagram

“Sometimes we are just screaming at the joy of it. It gets really addictive – you just keep going,” Gregg added.

Happy Husky
Image: @blackwhite.gold/Instagram

In fact, she loves photographing dogs so much that it will likely become a regular hobby, even after the pandemic. She enjoys spending time with dogs of all shapes and sizes. Plus, she loves bringing joy to everyone who views these amusing portraits. After all, the pups really look like they’re squealing with delight!

Happy Poodle
Image: @blackwhite.gold/Instagram

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Featured Image: @liz.gregg/Instagram

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