You Helped This Scared Pit Bull Become A Lovable Couch Potato

 You Helped This Scared Pit Bull Become A Lovable Couch Potato

Scrumpy the Pit Bull

When you purchase items from the iHeartDogs store, some of the profit is given to GreaterGood. GreaterGood is an incredible organization that helps many animals get a second chance at life. Thanks to kind customers like you, many dogs have been saved from at-risk situations. One of those dogs is a Pit Bull mix named Scrumpy.

Scrumpy was just a young pup when he was found in an abandoned home in Porterville, California. He likely hadn’t eaten in days, and he was severely underweight. He was also filthy and skittish. Even the touch of a human hand frightened him. Yet, with enough patience and treats, the Porterville Animal Shelter was able to rescue him.

Abandoned Pit Bull

He stayed at the shelter for a while, but he was practically invisible there. He was so shy and timid that no one was willing to give him a chance. Being alone at an unfamiliar shelter only made things scarier for poor Scrumpy. Luckily, START Rescue came to save him.

A grant from GreaterGood that was funded by the iHeartDogs community helped fund START’s transport. They were able to bring Scrumpy up to Oregon, where his odds of getting adopted were much higher. Scrumpy didn’t know it yet, but his life was about to get so much better.

SafeHaven, a partner of START, worked with Scrumpy once he arrived in Oregon. He soon learned to be more secure and less scared of the world. After about a month, he was ready to move on to his forever home.

Pit Bull Couch Potato

Now, Scrumpy has been adopted and he’s living his best life. He has even put on the necessary weight. Best of all, he’s a part-time couch potato, which has been his dream ever since he was a puppy. This sweet Pit Bull finally got the life he deserves!

Thanks to purchases from the iHeartDogs store, many dogs like Scrumpy get to learn what true love is like. So, thank you to all the heroes who have purchased products to help dogs in need.

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Images from START Rescue

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