Abandoned Rescue Dog Becomes Rescuer Thanks To First Responder


Abandoned Rescue Dog Becomes Rescuer Thanks To First Responder https://ift.tt/3ikTVKR

Rescue to Rescuer

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for everyone, but some families have struggled much more than others. Many have been forced to make decisions they never would’ve made before due to financial situations. For one family, that meant saying goodbye to a furry friend.

Roadie the German Shepherd mix was found tied to a tree in Indiana at the end of August. She had a heartbreaking note that explained COVID was to blame. Many tears were shed for poor Roadie, and many people were heartbroken for her family. But now, Roadie is getting the life she deserves!

Abandoned German Shepherd
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Roadie’s Second Chance

Johnson County Animal Control found Roadie all alone tied to a tree. There was a water bottle attached to her collar with a note in it. The note was long and emotional, explaining why the family did what they did to poor Roadie.

“I was a spoiled girl, my dad gave me my own couch to lie on and my own memory foam bed,” the note read. “My dad lost his job and soon his home from COVID. Please pray for him and give him hope that I will find a good home!”

Abandoned dog note
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Of course, animal control was sympathetic, but they reminded the public that this isn’t the way to handle the situation. Most shelters and rescues will take in a dog with no questions asked. Leaving a dog alone in the middle of nowhere is dangerous and scary for the dog. Roadie is lucky that animal control found her so quickly.

Soon, Roadie was ready to find a new forever home. She deserved a place where she could be spoiled even more than her old home.

From Rescue to Rescuer

White River Township Fire Chief Jeremy Pell felt a connection to Roadie right away. Something told him that she’d make an excellent Search and Rescue dog for his team, so he adopted her and renamed her Rosie. He said she has all the ideal traits for the job.

Search and Rescue dog
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“We don’t want the most hyper dog, and we don’t want the calmest dog,” Pell said. “We want a dog in between that can work the range of emotions, and she’s a well-balanced dog.”

Now, Rosie is training for search and rescue with her new dad. Pell said that she’s very friendly, and the rest of the team has already fallen in love with her. He hopes that she’ll be fully certified and ready to work within the next few months. After all, a job is exactly what Rosie needs right now.

Sweet Rosie quickly went from being a rescue to being a rescuer. Despite her tough times during this pandemic, she’s going on to help others in need. What a hero!

Rescued German Shepherd
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Featured Image: Screenshot, bigcountryhomepage.com

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