Celeb Kaley Cuoco Launches IG Account For Senior Adopted Dog, Dumpy


Celeb Kaley Cuoco Launches IG Account For Senior Adopted Dog, Dumpy https://ift.tt/2FLJiDD

Kaley Cuoco has been showing just how devoted she is to her adopted senior Chihuahua, Dumpy. The actress is filming for HBO in New York, and naturally, her little guy came along to keep her company.

Cuoco launched an Instagram for Dumpy, especially for their time together in New York, and it is adorable. Formally named Dump Truck, the former Big Bang Theory star gives followers a peek into the life she shares with the pup.

Kaley Cuoco and her Dog Dumpy
Image Dump Truck aka Dumpy/Instagram

Dumpy Went from “Rags to Fancy Rags” After Adoption

In the first post on Dumpy’s growing Instagram page, Kaley Cuoco introduced everyone to Dumpy. She hilariously relayed how Dumpy went from “rags to fancy rags” after she adopted the dog. Dumpy was in pretty bad shape, but the star is doing her best to whip him into great shape.

She wrote, “Hello, everyone! Most of you know my story. I legit went from rags to fancy rags in the blink of an eye. When I got rescued by @apurposefulrescue, I could barely walk, was overweight and every single tooth was rotted…since those few months ago, I got in shape (I’m basically an Olympic athlete) and had all my teeth removed! I know it sounds cray but I feel so much better and now I can actually eat! This page is dedicated to my new adventure in NY where I will be with my crazy mom @kaleycuoco shooting her show The Flight Attendant. I still have no idea what that means but I’m learning as I go…”

Kaley Cuoco and Dumpy
Image Dump Truck aka Dumpy/Instagram

Dumpy is a World Class Travel Companion

Cuoco and Dumpy took a flight together recently. Dumpy can be seen nestled into his soft-side carrier while Cuoco smiles at him adoringly. The photo is captioned, “I slept for about 2 hours, woke up, mom gave me a bite of something of delish, fell back asleep, woke up again and stared at her for the final hour decent. I’m basically the perfect traveler. 🧳”

Kaley Cuoco
Image Dump Truck aka Dumpy/Instagram

The Pair Have Been Spotted Walking Around New York

Cuoco is in New York filming for a new HBO show, The Flight Attendant. In it, she plays a flight attendant who wakes up hungover in a Dubai hotel room. To her astonishment, a dead body is lying next to her. The character has no idea how it happened, but viewers can find out by tuning in to the new thriller!

Of course, Dumpy and Cuoco need to get out and walk in the city! The pair have been spotted taking walks in the fresh air. Cuoco follows CDC guidelines by wearing a mask and is seen sporting casual athletic wear while she and Dumpy stretch their legs.

Dumpy and Cuoco appear to be very happy together! You can follow their adventure in New York by following Dump Truck aka Dumpy on Instagram.

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Featured Image Dump Truck aka Dumpy/Instagram

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