Enjoy Some Hauntingly Good Fun With These Photos Of Pups And Pumpkins


Enjoy Some Hauntingly Good Fun With These Photos Of Pups And Pumpkins https://ift.tt/3e3vJvO

Here at iHeartDogs.com, we love looking at pictures of dogs and we know you do too!

Really, we don’t need an excuse to look at dog photos, but when the holidays roll around, the feeds are just jammed with doggos ready to celebrate. And with Halloween fast approaching, we’re obsessed with pictures of dogs and their pumpkins!

So, to celebrate spooky season, here are some of the cutest dogs ever chilling with pumpkins!

Happy Halloween! 

Pups and Pumpkins

“Please enjoy a ween on a pumpkin”…oh, we so do!! Happy Halloweenie, little cutie! 


 Nellie wants to know, “Who you callin’ pumpkin head?” 


During these fine fall days, Leo is “daydreaming about PSL”…


Policing the pumpkin patch! Here’s “literally the best photo of Lucia in her tiny cowboy hat lookin’ like the tiniest little sheRUFF in town!”


Kahvi loved the trip to the pumpkin patch, reporting, “I got all muddy and I got my mom muddy, so it was basically an amazing day”…


Spice looks more interested in eating these pumpkins as they are rather than waiting for pumpkin and squash soup!


Finley and Moose say, “Autumn leaves and pumpkins please”…


“Who’s the cutest pumpkin in the patch?” It’s Milly and her silly tongue!


Big boy Benji isn’t quite sure about his pumpkin. “Is this a trick or treat?”


Latte the Puppy meets the Great Pumpkin!

Gregg McBride/Facebook

“Mazie didn’t let any spooky pumpkins kill her vibe. Treats are her whole vibe, to be honest.” Us too, Mazie…


“One pumpkin, two pumpkins.. three pumpkins!!! Because on Halloween there’s never enough!”


It’s a puppy in a tub full of pumpkins! River, you’re too cute…


Jessy, a collie of adventure, is curious, remarking of her odd pumpkin, “Dis one smells funny.⁣”


Sweet boy Lars is so proud of his pumpkins! He should be, they are so plump and bright as the sun…


So, Bingley’s pawrent introduced him to a pumpkin named Brian. The results? “Bingley says he doesn’t trust him, I think he’s just jealous of my new friend. #ProtectBrian“…Follow the saga…


Somebody’s excited to carve pumpkins!

Humane Society of Greater Savannah/Facebook

Did you know pumpkin makes a nutritious snack for your dog? Although Murray has mentioned, “It turns out pumpkin spice lattes taste better than actual pumpkins”…


Tinkerbelle is the cutest little pumpkin, letting everybody know, “These pumpkins just don’t know how to pose”…

Tinkerbelle The Dog/Facebook

Wasn’t that some hauntingly good fun! Of course it was, because dogs and pumpkins are the best Halloween pairing since ‘Trick or Treat’!

Feature Image: @peachesandnellie/Instagram

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