Rescue Dog Carries Adventurous Cat Sibling During Hiking Trips


Rescue Dog Carries Adventurous Cat Sibling During Hiking Trips

Henry and Baloo

In most cases, cats are easier to care for than dogs. They spend all their time indoors and primarily keep to themselves. But if that’s the case, then Baloo certainly isn’t a cat. He might look like a fuzzy feline, but he acts more like his dog brother named Henry.

Henry and Baloo are unlikely friends who love hiking. Every time their parents head outside on an adventure, the dog and cat duo are right behind them. They climb mountains, relax by the water, and even snuggle when they’re tired or cold. They’re the most adorable pair you’ll ever see!

Henry and Baloo cuddling
Image: @henrythecoloradodog/Instagram

Meant to Be

When Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend attended a dog adoption event in 2014, they had their eyes on a Golden Retriever mix. But their attention was soon redirected when they met Henry. 3-month-old Henry was much bigger than the other puppies his age, and he was the life of the party. Right away, he showed interest in Bennett, and she fell for him in return.

Dog and cat cuddled
Image: @henrythecoloradodog/Instagram

“He just curled up into my lap and went belly up and flipped his head over my arm,” Bennett said. “And from then, I decided that he was coming home with us.”

Right away, Henry made himself at home. Only three days after they adopted him, they took him on a hike. When Henry was outside among the beautiful sights of nature, he felt at home. On his first adventure, he found the steepest rock to climb up so he could look over the edge. He scared his new parents at first, but now they’re overjoyed to have a dog that can accompany them on outdoor trips.

Henry and Baloo outside
Image: @henrythecoloradodog/Instagram

But their family wasn’t complete quite yet. Bennett had always wanted to adopt a cat too, but she struggled to find the perfect one. She wanted a cat that would happily go on adventures too, which was very difficult to find. That is, until she met Baloo. The Siamese mix ran right up to her and wanted to play. She had a good feeling about him too, so she adopted him without hesitation.

Henry and Baloo adventure
Image: @henrythecoloradodog/Instagram

An Unlikely Friendship

As much as Baloo loved Bennett, Henry was the one he fell head over heels for. Right away, Baloo wanted to go everywhere Henry went. When Henry would leave to go on hikes with his parents, Baloo wanted in. So, Bennett decided to start training Baloo to walk with a leash and harness. To her surprise, he was a natural! Before long, Bennett couldn’t take Henry anywhere without Baloo pleading to be included.

Cat on Dog's head
Image: @henrythecoloradodog/Instagram

“If I touch Henry’s leash, [Baloo] will start screaming at the door. He’s very vocal,” Bennett said.

Baloo needed very little training at all. For some reason, he loves going outside and hiking with his family. Bennett thinks Baloo looks up to Henry like a mom more than a brother. He’s always looking to his canine sibling for love and comfort. In fact, Baloo probably thinks he’s a dog too. She can’t even leave him alone for a weekend without him getting lonely.

Dog and cat Christmas hike
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When they go for hikes, Baloo sometimes gets tired or cold. Bennett will often carry him in a backpack, but his favorite place to be is on Henry’s back. When he’s tired of walking, he’ll rest on Henry’s back or head as the dog walks. Henry doesn’t seem to mind, and luckily, Baloo looks like the happiest cat in the world when Henry carries him.

Dog and cat friends
Image: @henrythecoloradodog/Instagram

Henry and Baloo Change the World

This adorable friendship has warmed the hearts of many, but Henry and Baloo are so much more than just cute faces. Since they love nature so much, Bennett started an organization in their honor. They are the proud founders of the Henry & Baloo Foundation, which focuses on preserving the beautiful land of the American West.

Cute car ride
Image: @henrythecoloradodog/Instagram

Henry and Baloo have also been proud foster siblings to dogs in need. They recently welcomed an Alaskan Malamute mix named Thor into their home while he waited for his forever family. He has since been adopted, but both Henry and Baloo seemed very pleased to have another friend around.

Animals don’t always turn out as we’d expect. Most cats are not adventurous like Baloo and many dogs aren’t as brave as Henry. So, it’s important for families to always choose their next family member based on personality, not breed. An animal’s personality is the best indicator as to whether or not they’ll be a good family member. Adoption can help you find a dog that matches your lifestyle as perfectly as Baloo matches Henry.

Featured Image: @henrythecoloradodog/Instagram

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