Sportscaster Dad Catches Dogs’ Catfishing With Online Dating Profiles


Sportscaster Dad Catches Dogs’ Catfishing With Online Dating Profiles

Our favorite sportscaster (or should we say dogcaster) is at it again! Andrew Cotter and the dynamic duo of Mabel and Olive are back at their antics.

They kept us laughing through the toilet paper shortage earlier this year. That was when Mabel and Olive competed in a grueling match of everyday dog activities that kept us on the edge of our seat.

Then, the trio attempted to navigate a Zoom meeting that hit close to home for all of us. It was littered with bad connections and awkward appearances. Then after that came the epic duel over a bone that will live in infamy.

The fact is, we just can’t get enough of Olive, Mabel, and Cotter’s perfectly witty commentary! It has breathed life into this weird year and thankfully they’re not done yet.


A Curious Case Of… Dogfishing?

This time, Cotter has caught Olive and Mabel in a bit of catfishing. Maybe it’s dogfishing? I’m not sure. Either way, it’s hilarious.

You see, Olive was caught with an online dating profile where she was stretching the truth. After pointing out that her profile picture wasn’t quite accurate, Cotter went on to dissect Olive’s profile of lies.


“Runner up at Crufts? No, you weren’t. And you’ve been working as an explosive detection dog? You can’t even find that tennis ball in the flower bed. And you starred in the stage adaptation of ‘Marley and Me’? As what? John the owner? That doesn’t even make sense.”

Olive looked at him unashamed.

The Dating Profile Saga Took Another Surprising Twist

When Cotter decided to go ahead and see who Olive matched with, he was in for another surprise: It was Mabel!

Cotter then turned his attention to Mabel, the more innocent of the pair. Mabel’s profile seemed a bit more realistic as she boasted her ownership of a Christmas pudding squeaky toy. However, things soon took a turn.


“You own a small slightly chewed twig and a squeaky Christmas pudding. See at least this is accurate. Oh, hang on here we go, What? You worked at NASA for three years? That’s nonsense. I mean, it was 18 months tops.”

At the end of the day, Cotter wished both pups good luck on their pursuit of love and happiness. Although, we have no doubt that they have plenty of that in their real lives!

You can stay up to date on all of their hilarity by following Andrew Cotter on YouTube or Twitter. They even have their very own book being released next month! You never know what the trio of pals is going to do next!

Watch their dating profile bust here!

h/t: @MrAndrewCotter/YouTube

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