The Healthy Hound Newsletter #48


The Healthy Hound Newsletter #48

In This Issue

● New Kennel Cough Strain
● Best & Worst Collars
● Support Dogs Die On Plane
● What Your Dog’s “Smile” Means
● Veterinary Laser Therapy
● Autumn Dog Dangers

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Vaccine Resistant Kennel Cough Strain Spreading In The Southeast

An unusual strain of kennel cough is making dogs sick in Wilmington, NC and veterinarians worry it may spread.

Most dogs are inoculated for this highly contagious illness, but the standard kennel cough vaccine does not protect against Mycoplasma, the bacteria responsible for this new outbreak.

Find out what local veterinarians have to say about the situation and what steps are being taken to stop the spread.


Fresh fall cranberries are loaded with antioxidants. Additional benefits include gut health, lower blood sugar, and UTI prevention.


Try One Of The Most Popular Canine Joint Pain Supplements For Under $15

Is your dog getting older and beginning to show signs of joint pain? It may be time to begin a regimen of joint support supplements.

But before you make a significant investment in our product, we want you to believe in its efficacy as much as we do. For a limited time we are offering 300 trial-sized bottles of our Happy, Healthy Advanced Hip & Joint Supplement for only $11.99!

Get yours here while supplies last!


This spice commonly used in fall baking contains the compound Myristicin which is very dangerous to dogs:

  1. Cinnamon
  2. Nutmeg
  3. Ginger

Not sure? Read on to find the answer!


The Best & Worst Dog Collars Ranked

Chances are you didn’t put too much thought into choosing your dog’s collar. Most people pick their favorite color or design and call it a day.

But believe it or not, the type of collar you choose could mean the difference between lost and found or even life and death for your pup.

In this post we weigh the pros and cons of the major categories of dog collars and rank them accordingly.


Cancer Patient’s Emotional Support Dogs Die In Plane’s Cargo Hold

Two French Bulldogs – one of which served as an emotional support animal to their owner Hannah as she battles cancer – have passed away due to airline restrictions.

Hannah was traveling to the US from Dubai in order to seek the best treatment for her leukemia. She refused to fly without her beloved dogs, Panda and Beluga, but sadly, the pups did not survive their flight.

Learn the circumstances that led to this tragedy and what Hannah is doing to seek justice for Panda and Beluga.


To prevent nausea between mealtimes, offer three small evenly spaced meals per day and a snack at bedtime.


What Does Your Dog’s Smile Mean?

The way dogs tense or relax their mouths can give us important clues as to how they are feeling. Some smiles mean they are happy and relaxed while others signify stress and the potential for aggression.

There are even some dogs that learn to flash their cheesiest grin on command like this famous rescue pup!

Find out how to tell when a dog’s smile is one of submission, aggression, happiness, or something else.


What Is Veterinary Laser Therapy?

by The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)

Much like acupuncture and massage, laser therapy is an alternative veterinary tool to help manage pain and speed up healing.

The technology has come a long way in recent years with more dogs benefiting from this simple, painless treatment.

Learn how laser therapy works and whether your dog’s ailment can be treated with the special light waves these devices emit.


21 Fall Dog Dangers To Avoid This Autumn

Dogs love the crisp, cool relief of fall after a long, hot summer. What pup parents may not realize is that autumn brings several new, unique hazards both inside and outside the home.

As you enjoy the fresh autumn blooms, the fallen leaves, and the delicious tastes of Halloween, keep this list in mind – it could save your dog’s life.


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Quiz Answer:

2. Nutmeg. The Myristicin in nutmeg can cause dangerously elevated heart rate and blood pressure. Luckily dogs have to ingest quite a bit to suffer these effects.

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