The Healthy Hound Newsletter #50


The Healthy Hound Newsletter #50

In This Issue

● Why Is Your Dog Lethargic?
● Protect Your Pup From Thieves
● Rescue Dog Donates Blood
● Things Dogs Love To Chase & Why
● Causes Of Gurgly Belly
● Healthy Fall Fruits & Veggies

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Why Is Your Dog So Lethargic?

Dogs sleep and lounge far more than humans so it can be difficult to tell how much is too much. However, it is an important distinction to make as lethargy is a symptom of many major illnesses.

Keep in mind that some breeds are less active than others and that most dogs rest more frequently with age and the changing of the seasons.

In this post we discuss how to recognize lethargy in your dog, its potential causes, and when you should be concerned.


Dogs should not graze on cat food. It is far too high in fat and protein which can damage the liver and kidneys or cause pancreatitis.


Have an Itchy Dog? Here’s Why They Need Krill Oil Daily

The Omega Fatty Acids in fish oil have countless benefits for dogs from skin and coat health to brain and eye maintenance. However, not all supplements are created equal.

The omegas in Omega 3-6-9 Select Grain Free Skin & Coat Chews come from pure Antarctic krill oil, a purer more sustainable source.

Find out why so many dog parents are switching from fish oil to krill oil to battle their pups’ itchy skin, ears, and chronic allergies.


Why do dogs chase their tails?

  1. It’s a fun game.
  2. Their butts are itchy.
  3. They are anxious or bored.

Not sure? Read on to find the answer!


8 Ways To Protect Your Dog From Pet Thieves

According to an estimated two million domestic dogs are stolen in the United States each year, and only about 10% are ever returned to their rightful owners.

Despite this frightening statistic, there are several steps dog parents can take to make sure their pups do not become the target of thieves.

This in-depth guide from the Canine Journal covers stolen dog law, which breeds are targeted most, and the many ways you can protect your pooch from opportunistic criminals.


Rescue Dog With Broken Leg Donates Blood To Fellow Shelter Pup In Need

2020 has been a trying year, but we can always count on dogs to come through and renew our faith in the world. This story comes from the Arizona Humane Society where two ailing rescue dogs came together to warm our hearts.

8-year-old Yorkie mix Kimiko was on death’s doorstep when she first arrived at the shelter. Luckily there was a broken angel named Jasmine ready to step in and save her.

Read their story here!


Never let your dog drink from puddles. Stagnant water can be home to parasites and dangerous diseases like Leptospirosis.


5 Things Dogs Love To Chase & Why

Do you know why dogs chase their tails? How about what motivates them to take off after passing cars or cyclists?

Chasing behavior can be extremely dangerous for humans and other pets, but also for the dog itself. Not only can they be seriously injured during the chase, they could also end up on the wrong side of the law if they harm someone.

This post will help you understand the causes of chase behavior so you are better prepared to address it with your dog.


What’s Causing Your Dog’s Borborygmi (aka: Gurgly Belly)

Borborygmi is a really big word for the gurgling sounds that come from your dog’s stomach and intestines. Often these noises are just the normal rumblings of hunger or digestion, but sometimes they are a sign of trouble.

Causes can range from eating too fast to “garbage gut” (dietary indiscretion) or even deadly stomach torsion (bloat).

The important thing is to know when to seek veterinary attention. This post from PetMD can help you do just that.


10 Fall Fruits & Veggies That Can Boost Your Dog’s Health

Fall is a great time to share nature’s bounty with your pup. From fresh apples (minus the seeds!) to fresh carved pumpkin, many of autumn’s most delicious crops are not only safe for dogs, they offer tons of health benefits!


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Quiz Answer:

3. They are anxious or bored. Intelligent dogs often need more mental stimulation and/or physical activity. Without it, anxiety is sure to develop.

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